Ford’s new Ranger features an impressively thoughtful piece of technology – the Belt Monitor

Vehicle safety is extremely important for everyone. We buy cars with many airbags, we buy better, safer tires, we choose a safe speed when travelling and we always ALWAYS buckle up. And yet sometimes we forget to check on the ones less careful. Do you always look back to make sure your children are wearing their seat belts? In Ford’s new Ranger you kind of don’t have to.

Wearing a seat belt is very important, but sometimes kids don’t like them. Image credit: Ford

This technology is not entirely new or unique, but it is something all car manufacturers should offer – the Belt Monitor is definitely something that should be a part of standard equipment. It is especially interesting that it is installed in a Ford Ranger, which is more like an off-roading, trailer-towing, high-tech adventure machine rather than a safe family vehicle. However, you can never overlook safety, especially of the people who are typically seated in the back.

Ford’s Belt Monitor allows the driver to see whether passengers on the rear seat are wearing their seatbelts. It notifies the driver if someone at the back unclasps his seatbelt and even show on what seat he is sitting. This allows parents yell out the exact name of the rule breaker.

New Belt Monitor safety technology will alert the driver if one of the passengers didn’t put his seat belt on. The system recognizes, which seats are empty. Image credit: Ford

Paul Kula, Ford electrical systems engineer, said: “Whether you’re on the freeway or the trail, we want to make sure everyone who puts a seat belt on keeps it on. We hope that making Belt Monitor a standard feature in every Ford Ranger will provide extra peace of mind for the driver”.

There are many cars that offer similar systems. However, Ford’s Belt Monitor is unique because it alerts the driver even if someone undoes his seatbelt while the car is driving. Most other systems only work before the car sets off on a trip. Of course, the Belt Monitor only provides the information – the driver has to take action himself.

Ford Ranger has other innovative features as well. For example, Co-Pilot360 package encompasses such technologies as Lane-Keeping System and class-exclusive Blind Spot Information System with trailer coverage. Buyers can also choose adaptive cruise control and forward and reverse sensing systems, which are very useful when trying to park the pickup. Finally, Ranger now features automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and 4G LTE Wi-Fi with connectivity for up to 10 devices.

To be clear, Ford’s Belt Monitor is not unique to the Ranger, but it is the first time it’s been applied to a pickup truck. Previously Belt Monitor has been installed in Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. We can be sure that over the next few years it will become available in other Ford’s vehicles too, especially bigger ones, where it is needed the most.


Source: Ford


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