Technologies That Every Freelance Writer Should Be Familiar With

With the rise of technologies, each and every sector of the world is adopting modern and technical ways of completing business tasks. The same concept is visible even in case of My Paper Writer or any freelance writer venturing into freelancing. Due to the dominating amount of work being done on technology, freelance writing is constantly moving along with technological advancements.

Freelance writers spend a huge amount of time writing, and this is why certain technologies are found suitable to ease the work and lighten their load. Following are the best technologies that every freelance writer should be familiar with:

Image credit: Niwat via Rawpixel (Free Rawpixel licence)Image credit: Niwat via Rawpixel (Free Rawpixel licence)

Image credit: Niwat via Rawpixel (Free Rawpixel licence)

Google Docs

The easily accessible app you can make the best use of is Google Docs. It has features similar to MS Words, and that is why a lot of writers enjoy using it on a daily basis. It is free as compared to MS Word, which includes a paid subscription. Google Docs even has many connectivity benefits as compared to MS Word. You can share documents on it in either a readable format or in an editing format.

Spell Check Plus Grammarly

Every writer can relate to the problem that comes with content writing, especially in freelance writings, and that is spelling errors. Every professional writer, at some point, be it accidentally, makes spelling errors because of a variety of topics. Spell Check Plus support makes sure all your errors are accounted for and allows you to make changes easily. It even provides paid tutorials.

This list is incomplete if Grammarly is not included. Grammarly is a combination of all those tools that a writer requires, which are, a writing space, grammar check, spell check, and artificial intelligence that shows what correction is required. It is freely available and is easy to use. You can even cut and paste (edit) documents on Grammarly which allows you to check for mistakes on documents already typed.

Language Tool

For writers who write articles in multiple languages, this tool is the best. Language Tool has 20 languages documented in its application. This application is useful in pointing out spelling and grammar errors in different languages, and this is why it is suitable for writers who are learning new languages.


What could be better than a handy mobile app that allows you to create quick notes? Some writers prefer creating notes so that they can later add those points in their writings. These notes make sure that the writers do not forget necessary and good points to add to their work. You can not only just note, but can also add voice notes, pictures, graphics, and much more.

Technology has always eased our work and has been making sure to keep our work in the best and perfect condition so that we can make a lasting impression on our clients. You can use these apps and tools to ease your efforts and provide the best of your work. The world is moving forward every day with new tools and applications, and we should make the best use of it.


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